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You are at the Black Cat Root Shack.

Here you can shop for Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Oils and other Magical Oils and Potions or look at our various Lucky Mojo Sachet Powders and Self Lighting Incense Powders from Lucky Mojo.

Hoodoo is also known as root work and you can find an excellent selection of our Lucky Mojo Herbs, Roots, and Curios at our online shop Black Cat Root Shack.

Are you looking for a complete solution or a magical kit? Then consider our Lucky Mojo Spell Kits, Bottle Spells, and Honey Jars.

Spiritual Cleansing is an important part of any practice, so please also see our Lucky Mojo Bath Crystals and Floor Washes.


Do you live in Texas?  Would you like to purchase Hoodoo, Conjure, or Rootwork Supplies from a real Texas worker?  Then please visit our sister-site The Dallas Hoodoo Drug Store and Apothecary.


Looking for something we don't carry? Then view our favorite list of products at Lucky Mojo Curio Co. and purchase directly from them.

Welcome to Black Cat Root Shack, an online Conjure Apothecary and Spiritual Supply Shop.

On these pages you will find information about our Black Cat Root Shack hoodoo products and root work services

In addition to compassionate and accurate psychic readings, rootwork consultations, and spell-casting by Miss Leah Rivera, Black Cat Root Shack offers a extensive line of traditional hoodoo, occult, witchcraft, and conjure supplies, hand-made with prayers by the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, including faith-based hoodoo ritual oils, bath crystals, sachet powders, incense powders, spell kits, and herbs, roots, and curios.  You may use any of the links provided below to read more about our Lucky Mojo products, or purchase any of these great magical hoodoo rootwork products from us.



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Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Oils and Ritual Oils

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Condition Oils, Anointing Oils, Conjure Oils, Dressing Oils, Hoodoo Oils.

Lucky Mojo Sachet Powders

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Sachet Powders, Hot Foot Powder, Sprinkling Powders, Ritual Powders, Blowing Powders.

Lucky Mojo Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

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Scented Oils, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Natural Oils.

Lucky Mojo Bath Crystals and Floor Washes

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Bath Crystals, Spiritual Baths, Floor Washes, Herbal Teas, Chinese Floor Wash.

Lucky Mojo Astrological Oils, Planetary Oils, and Zodiacal Oils

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Zodiacal Oils, Planet Oils, Astrology Oils, Astral Candle Oils, Horoscope Oils.

Lucky Mojo Incense Powders

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Incense Powders, Self-Lighting Incense, Hoodoo Incenses, (Insent Powder, Insense Powder).

Lucky Mojo Religious Oils: Catholic Oils, Hindu Oils, Santeria Oils, Wicca Oils

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Catholic Saint Oils, Hindu Deity Oils, Lukumi and Santeria Oils, Pagan Oils, Jewish Kabbalah Oils.

Lucky Mojo Herbs, Roots and Curios

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Magical Herbs, Conjure Roots, Magickal Curios, Spiritual Botany, Hoodoo Minerals.

Lucky Mojo Special Waters and Lucky Hoodoo Perfumes

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Ritual Washes, Magickal Perfumes, Fragrance Waters, Spiritual Colognes, Altar Washes.

Lucky Mojo Spell Kits

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Bottle Spells, Spell-Casting Kits, Honey Jar Spell Kits, Candle Spell Kits, Altar Bottles.

Custom Made Gris Gris and Lucky Mojo Bags

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Mojo Hands, Lucky Bags, Conjure Hands, Nation Sacks, Roots Bags.

Lucky Mojo Figural Hoodoo Candles

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Conjure Candles, Spell-Casting Candles, Magical Candles, Image Candles, Hoodoo Candles.

Lucky Mojo Altar Tools and Magical Needs

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Altar Cloths, Mortars and Pestles, Candle Stands and Snuffers, Incense Braziers, Writing Supplies.

Lucky Mojo Divination Tools, Magical Pendulums, Crystal Balls

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Tarot Cards, Scrying Stones, Lenormand Cards, Crystal Balls, Divinatory Pendulums.

Lucky Mojo Books, Seals, and Pamphlets

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Spell Books, Grimoires, Solomonic Seals, Hoodoo History, Folk Magic Spells.

Candle Ministry: Set on Altar Candles at Black Cat Root Shack

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Personal Candle Services, Vigil Candle Ministry, Private Altar Work, Setting Lights, Candle Divination Services.


Hoodoo is a form of predominantly African-American folk magic, unlike Voodoo, which is an African religion. Hoodoo, also known as conjure, rootwork, and tricking, is a down home, old-style form of folk-magic practice that developed in Southern states like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Missouri from the joining of a number of separate cultures and magical paths. Hoodoo primarily consists of African and Native American herbalism and sorcery, into which has been incorporated elements of wisdom and spell-casting from Scottish, Irish, English, Jewish, and European traditions of witchcraft, granny-magic, shamanism, kitchen-witchery, enchantment, and occult grimoires. Regional synonyms for hoodoo include conjuration, conjure, witchcraft, or rootwork.

If you would like to know more more about hoodoo, its theory, practices, and forms, search Lucky Mojo or Black Cat Root Shack in your favorite internet search engine.






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Black Cat Root Shack is an AUTHORIZED reseller of Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Spiritual Products.

Lucky Mojo is the industry leader in hand-made Magical and Lucky Hoodoo Spiritual Supplies.

Our hoodoo practitioners include graduates of catherine yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, a one-year-long intensive program of study of the history and practice of African-American folk-magic. Completion of this course provides proof to clients that the worker thus certified is not just an "internet wannabe," but has actually turned in samples of conjure work to be graded by a well-known (and strict!) old-school spiritual teacher, and that the work passed muster.

All Black Cat Root Shack services are offered to the public with dedication and respect.

All custom items are made for you with affirmative and justified prayers, in accordance with authentic, rural, down-home, Southern practices long employed by old-time two-headed doctors and spiritual workers in the manufacture of lucky, powerful, magical, and protective hoodoo and rootwork supplies for securing blessings and for protection from evil and crossed conditions, as taught in the conjure tradition.

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Black Cat Root Shack sells a wide variety of Lucky Mojo Brand spiritual products. See our specific listings for hand-made Alleged Money Drawing, John the Conqueror, Fast Luck, Crown of Success, Follow Me Boy, Van Van, Fiery Wall of Protection, Come to Me, Love Me, Uncrossing, Blessing, Prosperity, Road Opener, Lodestone, Court Case, Reconciliation, Essence of Bend Over, Healing, Fire of Love, Hot Foot, Chinese Floor Wash, Peaceful Home, Wealthy Way, Stop Gossip, and Psychic Vision hoodoo formulas -- all available in the form of Bath Crystals, SpiritualFloor Washes, Perfumed Sachet Powders, Conjure Condition Oils, and Herbal Incense Powders!
We also sell a selection of the most popular and commonly used curios, herbs, roots, and lucky gris gris or root bags. See our store for authentic Lucky Mojo Bags, Devil's Shoe Strings, Angelica Root, Queen Elizabeth Root, Little John to Chew Root, Deer's Tongue, High John the Conqueror Root, Hyssop, Master Root, Five Finger Grass, Devil Pod, Irish Moss, Black Walnuts, Dragon's Blood Resin, Alkanet, Balm of Gilead Buds, Job's Tears, Blood Root, Calamus Root, Wahoo, Blue Flag Root, Bayberry, and much, much more.